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MIL-DTL-32330 Qualification Information

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QPL-32330-6 (PDF; 19 Jun 17; 9 kB)

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QPL-32330-5 (PDF; 23 Nov 15; 9 kB)
QPL-32330-4 (PDF; 19 May 14; 12 kB)
QPL-32330-3 (PDF; 13 Nov 12; 12 kB)
QPL-32330-2 (PDF; 2 May 11; 12 kB)
QPL-32330-1 (PDF; 30 Oct 09; 12 kB)

Office of Primary Involvement:Custom Devices Branch (Monolithic Microcircuits and Multichip Modules) (DLA LAND AND MARITIME-VQC)
Title:Hose Assembly, Conductive Polytetrafluoroethylene Tube, Smooth Bore, Flared and Flareless, Tube to Hose, with Swivel Nut
Federal Supply Class (FSC): 4720 (Hose and Tubing, Flexible)
Specification contains quality assurance program:No
MIL-STD-790 Established Reliability & High Reliability:No
MIL-STD-690 Failure Rate Sampling Plans & Procedures:No
Weibull Graded:No
Specification contains space level reliability requirements:No
Specification allows test optimization:No

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