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Company Location Information

Six Sigma Leave DSCC
905 Montague Expressway

CAGE Code: 1PBC8, Symbol Code: N/A
Company Contact:Russ Winslow Phone: (408) 956 0100,Fax:
Land and Maritime Contact:Phone: (614) 692-0604, Fax: (614) 693-1657, E-mail:

QML Status:Full QML Certification/Qualification
Radiation Hardness Level:
Class:Q, V, Y

Assembly Operation(s)

Location:Milpitas, CA
Line: Hot Solder Dip
Flow: PR-2001

Location:Milpitas, CA
Line: Column Attach
Flow: PR-2010

Environmental Test Operation(s)

Location:Milpitas, CA
Line: Test Services
Flow: TS-2001

Package Information

TypeLead RangeLead FinishLead Pitch
LGA4-2400Solder>= 1 mil
LCC4-2400Solder>= 1 mil
BGA Solder>= 1 mil
OFN4-2400Solder>= 1 mil
CGA4-2400Solder>= 1 mil