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Tools & Information:

Mil Specs on Other Web Sites
Links to other sites providing electronic copies of specifications, standards, and other standardization documents.
Standard Microcircuit Lookup Table
Download tables for cross-referencing standard microcircuits.
Standard Microcircuit Cross-Reference
An on-line cross-reference for standard microcircuits.
SMD Program Overview
Learn more about the Standard Microcircuit Drawing program.
Standardized ASIC Overview
Learn more about standardized ASICs and gate arrays.
SMD Registered Users List
Receive notification of proposed changes to Standard Microcircuit Drawings.
Microcircuit Class Designators
A detailed explanation of MIL-PRF-38535 device part numbers and class levels.
SMD Part Numbers
A detailed breakdown of Standard Microcircuit Drawing Part Identification Numbers.

Acquisition Reform:

Defense Standardization Program
Milspec Reform and other standardization information at the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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