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Branches and Activities

The Document Standardization Division is organized into the following:


Active Devices Branch (DLA Land and Maritime-VAC)
Microcircuits, CMOS Logic,Microcircuits, Gate Arrays and ASICs,Microcircuits, Microprocessors and Peripherals,Microcircuits, VHDL,Printed Wiring Boards,Semiconductors and Opto-Electronics
Interconnection Branch (DLA Land and Maritime-VAI)
Aircraft Components and Equipment,Cable and Cable Assemblies, RF,Connectors, Circular, Backshells, Contacts,Connectors, RF,Connectors, Rectangular and PC Board,Connectors, Test, Phone, Audio, Utility Power, Misc.,Engine Components and Equipment,Heavy Equipment,Miscellaneous,Pipe, Tubing, and Plumbing Equipment,Resolvers, Headsets, Loudspeakers,Test Equipment,Vehicle Components and Equipment,Wire & Cable
Microelectronics Branch (DLA Land and Maritime-VAS)
Microcircuits, Bipolar Logic,Microcircuits, Hybrid,Microcircuits, Interface,Microcircuits, Linear,Microcircuits, Memory,Microcircuits, Programmable Logic
Electronic Components Branch (DLA Land and Maritime-VAT)
Amplifiers,Antennas, Waveguides, and Related Equipment,Capacitors and Filters,Communication, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment,Electron Tubes and Microwave Devices,Fiber Optic,Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Oscillators, Batteries,Magnetic Devices,Miscellaneous,Relays, Delay Lines, Misc. Components,Resistors,Switches

We are now responsible for the Item Reduction, Standardization Management, and Parts Support Management Activities. To learn more about these programs and our involvement, go to out Document Standardizaton Division page.

For more information, contact the division chief at 614-692-0540, fax -6939, or email

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