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SMD Registered Users List

DLA Land and Maritime maintains a list of registered users of Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs), which is used to coordinate drawing changes with industry and military users. Participation in this program allows users to stay abreast of drawing changes which may affect weapon systems using the SMD devices.

When a project is started to revise an SMD, an Engineering Change Proposal (DD form 1692) will be sent to each registered user for that drawing. Users will have 15 days to review the proposed changes and send comments back to DLA Land and Maritime. In some cases users may be contacted by phone or email, in lieu of a hard copy mailing.

To register as a user for one or more SMDs, call 614-692-8108 or email You will need to submit a list of the SMDs you are using, the system(s) on which they are used, and a point of contact.

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